About Remind Helper

Remind Helper provides an automatic telephone call reminder service that is proven to significantly increase the likelihood of patients taking their medicine as prescribed by their doctors. Our powerful software automatically calls your patient every time they need to take medicine reminding them what time and what amount they need to take.

Try using our ‘Remind Helper' app. Within minutes of signing up, our app automatically calls your patient every time they need to take their medication (e.g. daily). It's as easy as that - no more ‘I forgot’ excuses!
Get Notified If They Don’t Answer

Reliable Phone Calls

Remind Helper will reliably call your loved ones every time they need to take a medication. No new technology required.
Improved Medication Adherence

Improved Medication Adherence

The biggest reason for non-adherence is forgetfulness. Ensure your loved ones always take their medication on time.
Custom & Personalized Messages

Custom & Personalized Messages

Record your own voice to send reminders to your loved ones. Record up to 10 different reminders per day.

Help your loved ones maintain their independence with Remind Helper.

Click get started to create your account.
Visit your new dashboard to record your first reminder.
Input your loved one's phone number and time zone.
Select call times and days of the week.
Record custom messages for each reminder.
We’ll handle the rest!

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